Oh noooooo.......yup, after 20 years we have de-activated the hockey forums. It was an amazing and strange few decades and I would like to thank all the people that wandered through our discussion forums during those 20 years. Not that anyone keeps score, but the thousands of members that made up our community should take a bow.......we were the true internet hockey pioneers of social media.

I will still maintain the intotheboards website that aggregates minor pro hockey news for the forseeable future. I still enjoy hockey and it gives me something to do while I ease into 'older' age. I also maintain the official Facebook Intotheboards page and have also created the ITB Facebook user group so it's a little easier for the old-school ITB warriors to keep in touch.

Also, thank you to all the minor professional hockey leagues, teams, players, and coaches that came and went over the years. You guys gave us more than enough ammo to fire accross the imaginary rink we all skated on.


Joe the Keymaster.


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